Who We Are:
From our beginnings in the aerospace and defense industry, our foundation is now composed of nearly 40 years of manufacturing and engineering experience that includes specialty aerospace fasteners and bearings, custom engineered machine tools, microelectronics, metrology equipment, and consumer products.  Our experience is drawn from our relationships with the world's leading manufacturers of aerospace fasteners and bearings, and a variety of  other precision machined components for the commercial, military, and transportation industries.  Anovaprise provides a breadth of precision products development and manufacturing skill that is unmatched by other service providers.   

Why Do Business With Anovaprise?
We possess a depth of knowledge that sets us apart from other contract manufacturers.  We provide solutions - not just machine time.  Our capabilities enable us to serve our customers with an unparalleled level of quality and cost efficiency.  We are the precision grinding experts, and are known within the fasteners industry as the authority on the manufacture of complex specialty products.
We are not limited by conventional methods and machine tool application.  We develop techniques, tools, and proprietary production automation that enable us to manufacture exotic, close-tolerance products with superior quality, and we routinely do that at a much lower cost than can be achieved by standard manufacturing practices.  Our unique technical capabilities and superior service promote our customers' abilities to expand their product offerings, deliver their products with reduced lead times, and enhance their cost efficiency.

Our Values:
  • We apply our knowledge and skills with the goal of earning lasting relationships with our customers through the quality of our products, our business practices, and our character as individuals.
  • We do the right thing - regardless of short-term cost.
  • We deliver on our commitments.
  • We never stop learning.
  • We serve our local community by providing a quality workplace, and through our benevolent participation in community activities and governance.
  • We serve the manufacturing community through our promotion of advanced technology, our example of environmental stewardship, by our uncompromising ethics, and by our contribution of highly skilled people to the workforce.
  • We serve the global community through our vision, our integrity, and by delivering products and services that contribute to a better quality of life for the world.